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Tabletop Games By Jack Rosetree

Non-binary robot and dinosaur corgi makes weird tabletop games.

All games below are playtested, playable on Tabletop Simulator, and available to be signed with a publisher (should any be interested). Quirky games included. Let’s talk!

Pirate Lemmings!

The lemmings are walking (or running) the plank! Grab some before they take a swim with all our pirate stuff!

  • 2-4 Players | 30 minutes
  • Audience: Gateway, Family Friendly
  • Mechanics: Competitive, Dice Rolling, Drafting, and Set Collection

Poetry by Committee

You are a team of poets at a middle-tier poetry manufacturer. There is no time for quality work. We have export quotas to meet!

  • 2-99 Players | 30 minutes
  • Audience: Party Gamers, Terrible Poets
  • Mechanics: Writing, Grading, and Performance


Relive the days of retro monster team battling video games! Build a team, out-think your opponent, and fight to the end!

  • 2 Players | 15 minutes
  • Audience: IP Lovers, Tournament Fighters
  • Mechanics: Simultaneous Play, Social Deduction, Open Information

Life Sucks. The Game.

Squander your future potential in a vain attempt to avoid the terrible stuff life throws at you. Life isn’t fair and neither is this game.

  • 3-7 Players | 20 minutes
  • Audience: Party Gamers, Pessimists
  • Mechanics: Simultaneous Play, Drafting, Frustration, and Disappointment

Important Questions!

On a scale of 2.3 to 8.7, how spicy is a mildly annoyed platypus? How stylish is a deeply cynical tyrannosaurus rex? How nervous is a cheap stop sign? Answer these and many other questions to the best of your ability and be judged, quantifiably, according to your answers.

  • 4+ Players | 15+ minutes
  • Audience: Party Debaters, Market Researchers
  • Mechanics: Voting/Rating, Simultaneous Play, and Points Don’t Matter

Venn We Meet Again

Compete on the battlefield of elementary school-level logic structures! Make a randomly generated Venn diagram, write down what goes on it, match answers to get points!

  • 3-7 Players | 30 minutes
  • Audience: Party Gamers, Creative Thinkers, Pun Users
  • Mechanics: Competitive, Group Think, Arguing Semantics